Trade Interchange’s new infographic highlights the importance of managing supplier rebate agreements effectively to maximise revenue

Be one of the first to take a look at our brand new infographic following our recent online survey about the challenges surrounding managing supplier rebates.

We collected the results of procurement professionals and managers and pulled together an interesting and new infographic to showcase the results.

As we anticipated, it shows that many professionals often find the process of managing rebate agreements an administrative nightmare, with a massive 93% of respondents admitting to a level of challenge, which included problems chasing suppliers for rebate income and keeping track of all agreements.

When asked what features would be most beneficial to them with regards to software, our respondents highlighted that alerts and reminders would be useful along with a central storage of data which could be accessed by relevant stakeholders.

Thankfully, here at Trade Interchange, our Supplier Rebate Manager software allows users to set up auto reminders to let them know when rebates are due. It also has a cloud based central hub where all rebate information is stored, which is accessed by a user friendly dashboard to ensure complete visibility over the status and process of each rebate agreement.

To view our infographic, please click here – it would be great if you could share it on social media too!

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