The ARCUS® Supplier Rebate Manager Factsheet

You want to maximise the income from each of your carefully negotiated supplier agreements. That takes structured processes, standardised practices and centralised information.

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Build that process with the ARCUS Supplier Rebate Manager, and deliver more from your supplier agreements and improve efficiency simultaneously. Configured to your exact needs, but up and running in just weeks, it provides;

Central Data

The fully searchable repository of supplier rebates makes it easy to store, share and manage important rebate agreement information from one central, cloud based hub.


The user-friendly dashboard ensures complete visibility over the status and process of each supplier agreement.

Configurable Workflow

Process automation speeds up and streamlines the management of supplier rebates.

Alerts and Reminders

Auto reminders sent to key stakeholders simplify the process and dramatically reduce the administrative burdens.


The intuitive reporting function allow users to create and share custom reports, collect data, filter results and export information to CSV, Excel or PDF.

Download Factsheet Here

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