Brakes make £100,000’s worth of additional revenue through better management of their Supplier Rebates

Be amongst the first to read our new Supplier Rebate case study about The Brakes Group. Brakes is a leading supplier and distributor to the Foodservice industry across Europe. It works with a large supply base and many of these suppliers have volume commitments or rebate agreements carefully negotiated as part of their contracts.

Rebate payments account for hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of Brakes’ annual revenue, however historically, the process of making sure these rebates were actually collected was managed manually and information was held across different departments, in multiple formats. This process was time consuming and complex and often resulted in rebate opportunities being missed.

Brakes adopted the ARCUS Supplier Rebate Manager to collect, store and track their supplier rebate agreements from one centralised hub.

The results

Read the full case study here
Watch the video case study here

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